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Today marks exactly 4 months of being dairy and wheat free. My findings so far:

- improved mood
- weight loss
- clearer skin
- heightened energy levels
- non-existent period pains (I'm not kidding)
- improved digestion.

If you know me in any capacity, you'll recognise just how drastic this dietary change has been for my once precarious eating habits. I went from eating chocolate cake for breakfast everyday to enjoying green vegetables.

Although I do occasionally miss brie and camembert (and applewood and feta and halloumi and gouda and mozzarella), not feeling so debilitated makes it entirely worthwhile.

I don't talk about my relationship with food because it isn't something that I've ever fully 'recovered' from in a way that allows me to detach myself and view it as something separate from my existing reality. However, altering my diet has forced me to stop using it as a coping mechanism and for the first time in 12 years, I'm thinking about and viewing food in a non-obsessive way. I'm recognising the disparity between hunger as a form of punishment and food as a source of nourishment. It is an incredibly complex and deep-rooted struggle but I finally feel like I'm governing myself and making healthier choices for my body. It is a huge milestone. 

Now if only I could convince myself to start exercising.

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