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The Impact of Gilmore Girls.

I was 13 years old when Gilmore Girls first aired on Nickelodeon and I will go as far as stating that the show significantly impacted my character and contributed to my identity. I was the first child of two adolescents; we were figuring out the world together. Gilmore Girls provided an education, a biblical premise on how to exist and navigate life. From evoking my love of coffee to instilling Lorelai's inexplicable need for independence inside my veins, Gilmore Girls taught me strength, perseverance. It showed me that it was okay to embrace my eccentricities.

I spent my teenage years pouring through episode transcripts, quoting them word for word and growing amid their realm. The show enriched my life and made me feel less isolated from my own landscape, it gave me people to connect to. Gilmore Girls gave me something to aspire to be.

Lorelai, a strong, courageous woman, was also quirky, sarcastic, and beautiful. She stood for what she believed in with grace and ardour that blew the world away. I wanted to be just like her. She was smart, driven, resilient. She always found a way to make things work and taught me that life required us to leave footprints to see and evade the places that we’d visited, or to sometimes guide us back home. She gave me strength.

Rory’s love of literature introduced me to the likes of Milan Kundera and Edgar Allan Poe, magnifying my desire to write and pursue it. She studied journalism and showed me who and what I had the capacity to be. Rory taught me to work hard and always give my education precedence.

Gilmore Girls carved me into myself. It has impacted me more than a person, place or thing. When I discovered that it was going to be revived for 4 episodes, it gave me a reason to want to live again, it gave me purpose, something to stay alive for. Watching the revival has felt like being able to recognise myself upon watching an unseen home video. I feel overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia of all of the people that I have ever been and am. It is a compilation of 13 years of love and admiration being manifested and projected onto screen and it means more than anyone will ever know.

Things that I've learned from the Gilmore Girls
- Throw away anything that you’d be embarrassed to wear during a car accident.
- Any situation can be softened with humour. 
- Taking a book to a party is completely normal. 
- Coffee is integral for survival.
- Good coffee can vastly improve your day. 
- Anything is possible when you’ve been caffeinated. 
- Sometimes you will do incomprehensible things just to get your hands on caffeine.
- People are sometimes susceptible to bribes. 
- Vegetables are overrated and you can survive without them.
- Playing “123, he’s yours” is a great way to kill time.
- It’s okay to have rules whilst watching movies.
- Sometimes incessant talking about nothing can help to get you out of difficult situations.
- Confuse people when you don’t know what to say.
- Eat ice-cream in cold weather so it remains frozen for longer.
- A salt and pepper dip is the only way to eat French fries. 
- Sometimes people will not understand your humour and sarcasm. It’s okay.
- In omnia paratus, ready for anything. Internalise this phrase.
- Revel in the glory of your solitude. 
- Sometimes you’re going to lose sight of your dreams but you have to persevere and navigate through that dysphoria.
- Set your own boundaries, do not defy them.
- You’re sometimes going to meet the wrong people. A Dean, a Jess, a Logan. 
- Sometimes you need to be ruthless and do what is best for you.
- Criticism is necessary to grow but it’s important not to internalise it. 
- School is more important than boys or looks.
- The things that your mother wants for you is all that she knows.
- Family honour is a complex thing and destroying it can have a significant impact on self.
- The consequences of living a double life will eventually catch up on you.
- Vocalise the things that you do not agree with as not to breed hatred in relationships.
- Be a good person, make the right choices.
- Always ask questions. 
- Do not take no for an answer when you want something. 
- Life isn’t always going to manifest in the form that you have envisioned because it has something better in store for you. 
- You’re often going to meet people that you have a Rory-Paris relationship with. Your friendships will be complex.
- Regardless of what you do, give it everything. Be your best self.
- Take chances, people can live for a hundred years without really living for a minute.
- Even as an adult, you’re going to sometimes need your parents.
- Sometimes you’re not going to be in the mood to talk to people and that’s okay.
- You are more like your mother than you think.
- Struggling is a part of life and is setting you up to thrive afterwards.
- Oy with the poodles already’ is going to confuse people.
- Nobody will understand your mental processes.

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