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Overcoming My Elurophobia.

I have been absolutely petrified of cats for the entirety of my life. I think it stems from my childhood when someone told me that all cats have jinns inside them. It was either that or when a cat ate my goldfish and proceeded to look at me with the tail hanging out of its mouth.

I would go to great lengths to avoid cats, whether that meant never setting foot in my own garden or taking extra long detours to evade them on the streets. The first question that I would ask someone when they invited me over was whether or not they owned any cats. I couldn't even look at pictures of them without fear pulsating through my body and manifesting as a stream of ravaging shivers. 

You can imagine my dismay when cat memes became a thing and transformed the experience of scrolling through my timeline into an anarchic trigger. 

I remember a friend having to lock her cat in the bathroom for the entirety of her birthday party, or having to walk for an extra 30 minutes in Bulgaria so that I could avoid a group of them on the street, or triple-checking with an aunt that the cat was in the garden before I could set foot in her home. 

I was more afraid of cats than I was of death, in fact the mere thought of them would send me spiralling into a frenzy. I would rather be dead. This was however, until I spent two whole weeks in a house with this guy. We both gradually learned to trust one another and I think that we became friends in the end.

I owe it to Maryam for terrifying me to the point where my fear reached its peak and I ultimately realised that he was not a threat.

This picture symbolises a lifetime's worth of fear being overcome in the space of two weeks. It has made me realise that although our fears are perfectly valid, they are still irrational. Being made to face them teaches you to subvert your own narrative, demonstrating that you have the capacity and willingness to conquer even yourself. It is almost as if through mastering this fear, the salvation ricochets and creates a ripple effect whereby you become less afraid of being in your own skin. 

Fear really is nothing.

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