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Symphonies For The Undressed Angel In Command - Poem.

  1.  And I was too sad to sing (didn’t know how)
  2.  a lover without the love
  3.  what more could you possibly ask for?
  4.  My veins knew, tried to steer me away
  5.  (I just needed the idea of you).
  6.  Sang love songs from inside the casket like a devil with a shoplifted halo,
  7.  fingertips tracing my sternum to reach the centre (didn’t let you in).
  8.  Unlearned the face of the barefoot moon in the gradient of your skin,
  9.  like a mosque burning in its own gospel,
  10.  lose myself until I lose you.
  11.  Cremated the voice of your ghost, dispersed ashes beneath a forsaken pew, 
  12.  they gathered in the space of an unwritten sermon, 
  13.  (tried to piece you back together).
  14.  I rebuked my cells one by one in the movement of your prayer beads
  15.  (you are no longer a native).
  16.  A mouthful of the brunette sun to singe my tongue from uttering your name
  17.  and now you’re just another scar (that I wear so well).
  18.  Let us sing symphonies for the undressed angel in command (even in her brokenness)
  19.  did you know me at all?
  20.  I wanted to fill the space (left me empty, pervaded you instead)
  21.  and now you’ll feel my presence caged in your aching limbs
  22.  a cemetery laden with my darkest secrets.
  23.  Evade me, try (you won’t make it to your own burial).
  24.  They’ll find your name carved into my headstone
  25. died of heartache, couldn’t leave her.’

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