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In The Grave of Vocabulary.

Our language is made up of the vocabulary of everything that we have ever read or heard; a regurgitation. It is only through the introduction of new substance that we can provide it with the capacity to grow and feed itself.

We, as humans seem to carry this myopic view of our lives.

It’s almost like through not reading, we become content with our limited catalogue of words. We are happy to live the rest of our lives with the language that we have acquired but how many times can you use the same word before it becomes redundant? How many times can you describe something as being ‘amazing,’ ‘good,’ ‘great,’ before it begins to evoke sarcasm?

Learning a new word can change perspective, it can capture the entirety of your feelings in a few syllables. It can provide you with access to a part of yourself that you did not even know existed. It can bring to life emotions that you have been unable to explicate until now. 

Language opens up a new realm of revelations. Language is everything.

It is so important to read and nourish our vocabulary because the better that we become at expressing ourselves, the more we will be able to understand who we are at a greater depth and thus move closer to the person that we want to be.

We use language every single day to communicate with other people, to communicate with ourselves. Language helps us get by; it helps us live so in the same way that we feed and nourish our bodies in order to survive, is it not also mandatory to nurture the organ that sustains our entire existence?

Should we not be living life to its fullest capacity? Should we not be feeding our vocabulary and projecting that into the universe? 
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