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For The Women Who Are Meant For More.

I came across an exquisite piece of writing yesterday. Every single word resonated with me and I wanted to share it with you to allow you to find yourself amid these words. If you ever find yourself feeling lost, this will guide you back to where you are supposed to be. It will empower you. It will realign everything. It will reassure you that it is okay to be different because your individuality is one of your greatest gifts.

These are some of my favourite lines, however you can read the
full piece here

‘We are strong and confusing, complicated and powerful, magical and maddening—we are meant for so much more.’

‘We want to talk about soul. About dripping truth. About magic. About death. About struggle. About the world’s heartbreaking pain.’

‘We want to stand in the billowing breeze and decipher wise whispers of the wind as it roars through each singing strand of our thirsty, messy hair.’

‘Why do we rip ourselves up into sad, feathery pieces, trying so hard to slide into pretty little lives that, quite frankly, don’t even appeal to us?’

Normal won’t cut it—extraordinary is what we’re here for.’

‘We are meant to merge with the moon, cry with the rain, rise with the tides, and shine with every goddamn slice of shimmering yellow sun.’

‘We are here to live from the harrowing depths of our souls.’

‘Let us promise now—
To honor who we really are.
To be forces of light, of love, of sacred power.
To let our star-dust spirits rise—and soar and soar and soar!
Extraordinary flows through our veins. Normal won’t cut it.
We are meant for so much more.’

‘We won’t fit.
We aren’t meant to.’

‘Do not let your vibrant spirit wither into a colorless grey existence.’

‘Live the life that makes your heart beat louder, the life that sets your bones sweetly on fire, the life you can’t stand not living.’
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