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The Killing: Season 3.

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you will be aware of how fixated I am with ‘The Killing.’ Last night, I completed season 3 of the American version and I am still reeling from its intensity.

Please note that there will be spoilers below.

The final three episodes were absolutely impeccable. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so immersed in a story, in characters, in wanting justice. I dreamt about Linden running through fields in an attempt to protect Adrian, I could not stop seeing Ray Seward’s face. The echoes of Bullet’s voice filled my mind, the wrath of Skinner’s words made me shiver until he was gone.

The revelation of the killer was terrifying. The sound of the ice cream truck, the sprinklers, the way Linden noticed Kallie’s ring on his daughter's finger, it all dawned upon her in that moment; it had been Skinner all along. His character never faltered, I had never suspected or doubted him which I think is what made the revelation even more significant. It was sad to see this happen to Linden because of how much she had struggled to open up and accept him into her life. The happiness that she had acquired was never going to be again. I felt cheated; I was rooting for them, for him. How had I not suspected him? How was he able to get away with it for so long? Had it been obvious all along? Were there clues pointing to him beforehand? Did I miss something?

Their relationship depicted her vulnerabilities; it gave us something to connect to. The way Linden moved closer to him to signify the importance of her words, the way that she only smiled when she was with him, the way her voice softened and she became a different person around him. For a character that was as self-destructive as Linden, it seemed like she was finally going to have a happy ending. It all built up to the heartbreaking moment of her ultimately choosing to shoot him. It must have taken everything for her to make the decision to jeapordise her career, but she was entirely in love with a monster and I think that this realisation is what caused her to pull the trigger in the end. The same relationship that had humanised her was now responsible for her destruction.

I also loved the storyline with Seward. His character was intriguing; I was never entirely sure whether or not he was guilty. He was cold and unresponsive but his inner demons slowly began to take precedence and he ultimately became someone else. The executive producer described it as the manifestation of an interior world. A man on death row where there is darkness, cold, steel gates, silence and time is running out. Seward was trapped inside himself. I gasped and felt my soul ache when they executed him. On television shows, there is always a resolution and no matter what happens, everything will be resolved, justice will be served; they will catch the bad guy. The poignant scenes with Linden beforehand built up to this astounding climax. When they killed him, I was in disbelief; they had just killed an innocent man. I became Linden in that moment. I felt her pain, I felt her sorrow. I thought of Adrian. I wanted to weep for him. I wanted to find the real killer.

The death of Bullet was also extremely saddening. I think that it ultimately provided the story with more significance because we wanted to know what had happened to this character that we had just fallen in love with. Bullet was humorous, she was true to herself and it was refreshing. Her friendship with Holder was wonderful; it was entertaining and almost subdued the atrocities of what was happening. My favourite scene was when they were in the car with Linden and there were no boundaries. It almost broke down the barrier between cop and civilian. When Bullet was murdered, Holder was overcome by guilt and it demonstrated the battle that he was fighting within himself, between being a cop and his own personal need for justice.

The three different narratives all inform each other and in the end become one. The catastrophe, the loss, the connection, I think these are what make television shows so consuming. It all becomes a part of us and we think about it for days afterwards because we have not healed from its atrocities. I think this season has been my utmost favourite and I think that the relationship between Linden and Skinner is extremely reminiscent of Lund and Strange in the Danish version. However, although season 2 of Forbrydelsen was my favourite, I always felt that they could have intensified the relationship between Lund and Strange, made them more intimate just for it to have resulted in a more heartbreaking climax. I feel like The Killing was able to do that very well, they shattered everything, they made us fall for the monster and thus absolutely nailed the ending.

I will hopefully be writing a post titled ‘Sarah Lund vs. Sarah Linden’ very soon. I think that each character is extremely different but formed upon the same foundation; I adore them both and want to share my thoughts on their portrayals. You can read my original post about Forbrydelsen here.
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