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Becoming A Sense8.

My notion is that there are five kinds of truths: the truth you tell to casual strangers and people you meet, the truth you tell to your friends and your family, the truth you tell to only a few people in your entire life, the one you tell yourself, and the truth you won’t even admit to yourself. And that’s the one that tends to decline us,” Straczynski said. “And we thought, if we take these characters who suddenly have access to each other’s thoughts, histories, their secrets, their personalities, it lets us take the global aspect of the show and bring it down to a very human level. You may not understand what it is to live in India or live in Iceland or live in Berlin, but we can identify with an abusive father, or a person who is hiding a part of their personality because they’re afraid they’ll never be accepted. I found the smaller you go with your truth, the more universal and global the story is. And so we wanted to sort of hinge off of that into making a larger statement.

I mentioned that I was watching the television show Sense8. I’ve honestly never felt so connected, so captivated, so engrossed in a show like this before. It completely blew my mind.

Sense8 is shot so beautifully with landscapes that heighten the magnificence and authenticity of each story. There are eight characters from all over the globe from India to Iceland. The show depicts the life and customs of each place with real-life locals enriching scenes to create a sense of reality. Everything feels sincere, everything is heartfelt. It is raw. Sense8 shows life in other countries, but also demonstrates that although our lives may be separated by the places in which we live, we really are no different from one another. The story is not just about a group of eight strangers and the way that their lives intersect, it is about mankind, human connection, unity.

The audience becomes the character and through this the show creates the capacity for one to feel the depth of exactly what is happening. You feel what the characters feel which adds a whole new dimension to the premise that the show is built on. You become a Sensate because you feel what they are feeling. You are present with them in that moment. You are learning truths just as they learn. You are a Sensate.

The stories feel real, the characters are alive. Each person has a captivating back story and the acting and storytelling are impeccable. I felt each scene almost as if I was a part of it. I smiled, I laughed, I was horrified, saddened. Everything is carefully crafted, but bold, daring. Nothing is out of the question and it forces one to accept the things that they perceive as a part of their everyday reality. This is the step that the world needs to take, acknowledging everything that is outside the norm. 

Sense8 is not just a show; it is a way of life. It teaches tolerance, acceptance. This show could do some great things for the world.

I would wholeheartedly recommend watching it. I will even go as far as saying that it is the best show that I’ve ever seen, purely because of its intensity. Although it falls under the science fiction genre, the show doesn’t use special effects or anything more groundbreaking than clever editing, and yet the story is so magnificently narrated that you can’t help but feel in awe of its brilliance. It demonstrates that the true ingredient of a successful series is simply a good premise.

There are 12 episodes, and a 25 minute documentary which goes behind the scenes and demonstrates just how much work has gone into shooting a show of its magnitude. It is global, it is universal. This show is groundbreaking.

You can watch the trailer here, and I've included some extracts about the show below.

‘On some level, the sensates’ telepathic empathy is a metaphor for the Internet, which seems, in some ways, to be making us more open to others’ experiences (especially queer experiences). The show also evokes the joys of creative collaboration: people who watch the Wakowskis work together often say that they have “two bodies, one brain.” Really, though, the point of “Sense8” is to revel in the broadening of empathy — to fantasize about how in-tune with each other we could be. In its own, low-key way, therefore, “Sense8” is a critique of sci-fi. It asks whether, in tying our dreams about human transformation to fantasies of technological development, we might be making an error. The show suggests another path to transcendence: each other.’

‘The Wachowskis employ the very fabric of the film medium to remove the distances separating their sensates, using sneaky editing strategies to create the illusion that characters on opposite ends of the globe are conducting a conversation in the same room. The underlying brilliance of this trick elevates the film form to the saving grace of those stricken by desperation. Editing, in the simplest terms, bridges gaps in time and space. Sense8 aims to bring the people who need one another into contact so that they may provide each other with the support that they need.’
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