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Just Listen.

A guy parked his car directly outside of my window, his music blaring as loud as the speakers would permit. I felt the vibration of the rhythm against my desk. I was annoyed; I could still hear the music, even through my headphones.

I deliberated getting up to close my window but decided that he would soon drive away. 

I continued writing and listened to the song being played. It was raucous, the kind of music that was overpowering enough to drown out the universe. The kind that made you sink and forget about your own existence. I continued listening, it made me think of being at school knowing that there were only 5 minutes left until I could leave. It made me think of my soul doing cartwheels inside my stomach, the rush of adrenaline that made me sing a thousand songs. It made me think of standing in the sun, ice-cream dripping down my fingertips.

I sank into the music and it transported me to a whole new realm.

I continued to write, I continued to sink. The song inspired my fingers to hit the keys, releasing new emotions, accessing a different facet of my memory. It broke down the barriers that I set inside myself, I poured everything out and for a moment, I felt free.

The car eventually drove away but it made me think about my initial annoyance. Stopping to listen had in fact changed my entire perspective. Sometimes there are disruptions in life, but if you stop to really look at them, you recognise that the disruption itself is a form of aid. It’s like God ruins your plans just to help you.
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