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The Death of Someone We Did Not Know.

When a celebrity passes away, it dominates both the media and our timelines. Everybody wants to share their experience and influence of the deceased. They all want to feel like they were a part of something; they want to connect, to belong.

The death of celebrities is an odd thing, they are people that we did not know and yet we cannot help but feel a sense of sadness upon hearing of their passing. It is a sign of the intrinsic emotion that connects us, the unity of feeling sadness for a stranger. One of the most prominent occasions of when I experienced the intensity of this was upon the death of Princess Diana. I was 7 years old and I remember watching the news coverage from morning until night. I watched them carry the coffin on the television screen and this was my first real experience of death. After this, the next major celebrity death was that of Michael Jackson.

His voice had filled our house since childhood and I was always intrigued by his eccentricity. He was just a young man, trapped inside his own fame.

Upon awakening, my father notified me that Robin Williams had died. It felt like another celebrity death caused by drugs but I then started to hear the words ‘depression’ and ‘suicide.’

For the rest of the day, I listened to people talk about depression but all I could think of was that a man had killed himself, a man had been driven to death by his own mind. People die everyday and we have become so immune to it. Hearing about death no longer breaks us and it was only the mention of suicide that made the news, not the cause of his depression.

However for a brief period, his death brought depression to the surface of our minds and it momentarily felt like an opportunity to create awareness, to start a conversation about it.

It was almost like people would finally come to realise and accept the severity of mental illness. Sufferers quickly became hopeful and for the brevity of a moment, it felt like our voices would finally be heard.

And then it passed.
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