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The Insecurities of a Human.

Putting words onto paper makes them feel final; spoken words are transient. By writing things down, we preserve them; we give them meaning and truth. Words visualise our thoughts, bringing them to life; a form of animation. We can see just how profound or ludicrous the insides of our minds can be. Writing is a form of systemising and liberating thoughts. Sometimes we need to write our deepest secrets onto paper, to share them and be rid of them.

I am going to share my biggest insecurities, and by doing so; I hope to achieve two things. I want you to experience the dynamics of somebody else’s mind, and I also want to use this as a form of interaction and a basis for your own blog post. I write about my personal insecurities quite regularly, so for the sake of diversity, I am going to concentrate on my physical insecurities.

1. I find it difficult to smell things unless they are very strong, for example, I cannot smell the perfume that somebody is wearing. In fact, I can only smell perfume directly from the bottle. For this reason, I am generally quite paranoid about smelling bad myself, because I will never know. It sounds silly, but it is something that has always bothered me.

2. I drink a lot of coffee and have done so for a long time. I am always conscious of my teeth looking yellow and becoming stained by the coffee. I constantly use whitening toothpastes and treatments just in case. My front tooth is also slightly bigger than the one beside it, and I am always mindful of this when I laugh. I also have a strong fear of them falling out. Sometimes I wake up in a state of panic, and have to check if they are still there.

3. Last year, I put on a whole stone in weight due to illness, which caused my skin to stretch very abruptly. I now have a variety of stretch marks, and although they are in places that are generally covered, I have a few on the insides of my upper arms. They are not as prominent as they once were, but I am so conscious of people noticing them that I avoid wearing t-shirts in public.

4. My relationship with food has always been a problem and I am absolutely terrified of weighing myself. If you know my history, you will understand why.

I have never shared these with anyone. By writing them down, I am able to see just how ridiculous they are. You may read through them and identify each one as being quite silly, but they are things that genuinely cross my mind on a daily basis. Although I have deeper insecurities, these are things that I am too afraid to talk to others about.

Upon writing this post, I found this corresponding article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mackenziekruvant/what-i-be-project-greatest-insecurities. I hope that it encourages you to replicate the post on your own blog. If you do go ahead, please leave the link to the post in the comments. I love to read and discover new blogs.


  1. The scale has always been a source of misery for me, whether I am big or small.

  2. My insecurities.
    * Teeth, yes. I never smile with my mouth open. I have dealt with too much regarding them and have long forgone the age for braces.
    * Grades. I compare myself. Others compare me.
    * Mental health. Long pathetic story.
    * Family. Kind of private.
    * My height used to be one too. But thankfully I achieved average so that was a saving grace.

    Not sure why I told you that. Maybe because I find myself a lot like you. And well I have never received a reply to any of the comments I wrote you. (acts like a child)

  3. I read your posts and I relate to a lot of what you share on here. HMY


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