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The Art of Remembering.

Our memories distort people.

We only extract fragments that we want to remember, whether that is through solely recalling trauma or repressing the negative occurrences. We don’t remember people as they were. We recall them in the way that we want to see them, even when they change. 

However, people do not live and exist as the tangible characters in our memory. Everyone moves forward and therefore we have to formulate new memories to override the old ones. Nothing is as you remember it because everything in the universe evolves.

We have to give people the space to be who they are and not confine them to the constraint of our memories.

This is where writing provides control, we have the ability to create people into whomever we want them to be; they become our own creations. They change as we want them to. We can write our moments into eternity and they will remain timeless, carved into the concrete beneath us. 

Writing captures the morsel of details that elude memory.

Look around, it will never be the same again. Even when your heart beats in the same rhythm, the emotions in your bloodstream will transcend.

Our rhythms pave who we are, pulse moving us along. Nothing is and will be the same as you remember it.

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