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We Live Inside Glass Bottles.

Our bodies are like empty bottles.

As we grow up, they are filled with sand.

When we learn to think for ourselves, water is poured into the bottle.

The sand absorbs the water but there is still space in the bottle for something else.

We try to fill the bottle with stones, but they get stuck or they don’t fit. All we can do is shake the entire bottle to try and get them out.

This is just like life.

The sand is our upbringing; the water our knowledge. The space that is left over represents our desires and our need to fill that emptiness within us.

The stones represent those things that we think will please us, those things we use to fill that emptiness. But these are the things that cause us harm; they try to break us, and when we shake the bottle, it feels like they will never get out.

It feels like they will be stuck with us forever, trapped within us.

But they do leave; there is space again.

And what we learn is that we were happier with that space. We are happier within ourselves.
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  1. this was such an amazing and simple post. Loved reading it


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