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(Coffee's For Closers).

I have been drinking coffee every morning for the past 10 years. A failure to do so has led to serious consequences and this is not a form of hyperbole. When I attempted to stop drinking coffee in the mornings, my body went into complete shock and I was ill for an entire month. This is the severity of my caffeine addiction. I am dependent on it.

My parents have always been big coffee drinkers, in fact the first thing that I remember being able to smell as a child was coffee. I loved the smell and would pour Coca Cola into a mug, pretending that it was black coffee. I couldn’t wait to try my first cup and I was 12 when my parents finally thought that I was old enough.

My first memory of incessant consumption is at the age of 14. I was having difficulty sleeping; I needed something to get rid of my headaches in the morning. I began to drink a lot of coffee and eventually by the time I turned 15, I was already dependent on the drug to get me through the day.

I was 16 when I had my first sip of Red Bull, it soon became my favourite lunch drink. I often had an average of 6 cans throughout the day and I eventually reached a point where I was constantly being advised not to drink it. My morning cappuccino ritual intensified. My body would expect the coffee at a specific time and if it did not receive it, the painful withdrawal symptoms would go into overdrive.

At the age of 18, I began university. My friend and I would visit a coffee shop in between lectures and this is when I began to drink espressos. I would get through at least 8 a day and they were a requirement to cope with my insomnia. As time went on, I began to notice the impact of the caffeine on my health.

Eventually I realised that I needed to cut down but this could only be done slowly because my body was accustomed to the large amounts of caffeine. Over the years, I have managed to cut down on my caffeine intake but the one morning coffee is still a necessity and I am thrown into a state of illness if I abandon it. Most people tell me that this is psychological, but believe me when I say that it isn’t. I have tried again and again to avoid drinking it, but the withdrawal symptoms can become so intense that I begin to throw up, experience intense dizziness and generally just cannot get out of bed.

I have learned to accept that it is something that I will eventually have to stop, because the level of dependency on coffee is not healthy. I dread staying overnight at other places because I know that I will need my coffee in the morning. I have attempted to find substitutes, to drink decaf coffee, but nothing satisfies my body enough.

The extent of our dependency is sometimes ridiculous. I wonder what humanity would become without all of these foundations.
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  1. My mother is experiencing the same dependency problem with coffee..That's why she will try to stop me from drinking coffee
    I'm more worried about the health issue that may arise from this..

    Maybe you can try to cut down coffee slowly..but I know its always easier said than done :/

    Take care and be healthy :)


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