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If Only I Could See - Short Story.

‘What’s going on?’ asked Melrose, attempting to identify the unfamiliar sounds around her. Rocks? Birds? Water? Where am I?

‘Stop panicking woman! I think the coach may have possibly … driven off. That’s all,’ said Travis, calmly. He felt her presence beside him; her heels clicking a soothing rhythm against the rocks. She only did this when she was nervous; it gave her something to focus on.

Suddenly, the clicking stopped.

‘That’s ALL? TRAVIS! Are you actually being serious? All my things are on that coach! Do you understand what this means?’ shrieked Melrose, he could now feel her breath on the back of his neck; she was close enough to hit him.

Her arms were stirring the air in an attempt to check whether he was still beside her.

‘Travis! Where the hell have you disappeared to? Do you think this is funny? Get back here!’ Melrose continued to move her arms around fiercely like a catastrophic swimmer drowning at sea.

‘Stop being melodramatic, I’m right here!’ responded Travis. She could feel his voice now and threw out her arms to hit him.


This voice did not belong to Travis; she froze as she heard his laughter reverberating against the rocks. Oh no, she thought to herself. This was not Travis. She had just hit a complete stranger.

‘Watch where you’re going!”

‘If only I could,’ Melrose sighed. If only.

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