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Dumped By a Schizophrenic - Short Story.

1. Stuck.
You wonder how you reached this point; stuck with a person that is destroying you. You sit beneath a tree that was planted in memory of a courageous soldier. You wish that you were courageous enough to leave her, that humiliation would not consume you every single time you contemplated it. You drown in your thoughts like a coin sinks in water. An elderly man cycles by, smiling at you as if he can sense your predicament. You nod in response, as men do. The phone in your pocket begins to ring; you know it’s her without even checking. You ignore it, humming to the rhythm of the ringtone until it stops. A few seconds later, it rings again. You pick at the grass beneath you, tearing away its life while the ringtone plays in the background for what seems like hours.

2. Attack.
You await her arrival, your eyes fixated on the door. Your thoughts consume you and you begin to wonder whether you should leave. It's too late, she has arrived. She attacks you. It's like walking into a lion’s cage with a slab of meat; the attack is inevitable. You should have left when you had the chance. Everyone is staring; you are aware that you cannot visit this coffee shop again. It’s a shame as you adore their cappuccinos. She shouts about you not answering your phone, she questions your whereabouts. You remain silent and place your focus on the specials board. You begin to wonder how someone could possibly misspell the word ‘waffle.’ Something hits your head; you look up to see her standing before you, attacking you with cutlery. The waitress approaches and asks you both to leave, something that she probably should have avoided.

3. Sing.
The sun hits you; it used to be a blessing, but you now wish that its rays would destroy you. She sits beside you reading a book about the growth of flowers. You stare into nothingness until the sound of music captivates you. A teenager is playing his guitar beautifully with people pausing their lives just to watch him. He will be legendary one day; they can all feel it in their hearts. She looks up and is mesmerised by him. It happens too quickly and there is no time to stop her, she stands alongside the boy singing her heart out. People begin to walk away, the boy is devastated. She watches him leave and begins to cry into the grass; at least something is being nourished.

4. Delusion.
She is flowing through your veins and suffocating you. Her paranoia has you trapped in a vicious circle of constraint. A young couple walk by, both too preoccupied in each other’s existence to notice anyone around them. You think about how in love you were and how you vowed never to leave her. You can’t take that back, not when she needs you the most. Something hits you; you wish that she would stop throwing things every single time she wants your attention. Maybe you should stop daydreaming whenever she speaks. She demands to be taken home; apparently the young couple are cursing her with their innocent eyes. Her delusion is fire, incarcerating you both, wounding you.

5. Depart.
You are trapped in the prison cell that you call life. There is no escape. She is outside your house in her car. You ask if you can drive but this just angers her. She drives off and you have to chase her down the street until she finally stops. Of course people are watching, why would they refuse free entertainment? You climb into the car and sit silently hoping that her manic driving causes her to crash. You want this to be over already. She drives to the woods so that nobody else can hear her. You nod to reassure her that she is right; you wouldn’t dare to argue, not here. She tells you that she can no longer be with you, that your behaviour is becoming quite bizarre and that she is concerned. You cannot believe what you are hearing. You have just been dumped by a Schizophrenic. 

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