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3 of My Favourite Poets.

Poets are the best of people; their eyes and souls are open to the beauty of the world. They see without really looking, they find without seeking and they have the ability to encapsulate the splendour of a moment within a few words.

Most people think that poetry is all about flowers and nature but rather it is about life and the art of living. Each syllable, each word, each space, each line, each stanza has been carefully constructed; everything within poetry is meaningful and this in itself demonstrates how small quantities have the ability to be majestic and evocative. The words will always bring new meaning into your life because the emotions that you are reading with will never be the same. 

You, yourself, bring your own ideology to the words and upon reading, the world appears different. 

The words make a subconscious change in you. Poetry is always filled to the brim with connotation and value; it can never be drained. It's almost like drinking water from a cup and having it automatically refill each time you put it down.

A poet provides nature with a voice; it makes subtle beauty known and opens our own souls to the revered qualities of living. Poetry helps us gain insight into both worlds, the one around us and the one within our souls. I wanted to share a few of my favourite poets with you in order to help you understand and appreciate the power of the rhythmic word.

Sylvia Plath is undeniably my favourite poet and my greatest source of inspiration. She suffered from depression which heavily influenced her work. Her writing is emotive and terrifying but she captures the rawness of emotion so accurately that she creates a foundation for women to relate to. Her work is timeless; she writes with elegance and fervour that can never be lost. I love reading about her life and her influences because she is a truly fascinating being. I am currently reading through her journals and am always left in utter enthralment at her depiction of her experiences. Sylvia Plath eventually committed suicide and this personally made her work even more appealing because I wanted to comprehend what had eventually led her to go through with it after several failed attempts. Her mindset was extraordinary and I just find myself reading her poetry again and again. Two of my favourite poems by her are ‘Insomniac' and 'Morning Song.’ I would highly recommend reading her novel ‘The Bell Jar’ which is semi-autobiographical and provides an accurate account of what it feels like to have and live with a mental illness. Her level of humour adds another layer of reality to this great piece of literature. There is a sense of rawness to her words, they seep into your skin and leave you feeling vulnerable. She almost induces a feeling of worry through her bleak descriptions of our everyday reality.

My second favourite poet is Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca. He is a Spanish poet and I have only ever read translations of his work so I cannot truly grasp the entirety of his poetic nuances. However, his words will always be ground-breaking because the moment that I discovered him 
almost felt as if the world beneath my feet had spun me around to show me a new way to live. Upon reading his collection of poetry titled ‘The Poet in New York,’ I realised that it was acceptable to portray suffering and isolation through metaphor. Lorca visited New York and found himself feeling secluded. His state of mind is reflected in this collection of poetry and although depressing, his feeling is beautifully expressed in the callous descriptions of the place. He came to validate my own writing style because I found that it was acceptable to write about the darker side of human emotions and he has since inspired a lot of my work. Aside from that collection of poetry, two of my other favourite poems are 'The Moon Wakesand ‘Wounds of Love.' 

My final favourite poet is Pablo Neruda. His writing style is possibly the most diverse of them all. He wrote about love and despair but he was also politically motivated. His work varies but the different direction of his writing almost makes his words more alluring. My favourite poem is ‘Waltz’ purely because I feel that each line is pure brilliance. Every single time I read this poem, I am left in utter admiration of the playful nature of his words. He beautifies imagery with a subtext of darkness and I always find myself wishing that I could take him out for coffee and ask how he came up with such magnificence. I would strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of his poems because his words are worth reading, simply because of his abstract language. He makes you realise that language is not concrete and he uses words in such an innovative manner that it encourages you to sit down and write your own cadenced verse. Another favourite is ‘Saddest Poemwhich is unequivocally poignant; it encapsulates everything that I love about his work.

Please leave me a comment with some of your favourite poets.


  1. Its great to see you writing again. I missed reading your blog posts. Please continue to write!

  2. If you read my comment, please know that all your words really made sense to me :) I love to read your writings, it feels good to be around your blog. Thanks for sharing the great poets in here. I love poetry so much :) Thanks again. May God bless you always.

    With love from Malaysia :3


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