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The Expectations of Being a Woman.

Women have difficult lives; they must yield to what is expected of them by religion, parents, culture and society. Living with such compliance is tough. In the midst of trying to please others, their own happiness is sacrificed. 

When a woman is born, her life is already paved out for her. 

A woman must educate herself and attain the best possible grades. She must set a fine example for her siblings and make her parents proud. She must preserve her parent’s honour and remain pure and chaste until marriage. However, upon educating herself, she will inevitably begin to develop her own dreams and aspirations. She will map out her life in her mind with hopes to travel and see the entire universe. However, deterring from the pre-determined checklist is not an option.

Her appearance must always be immaculate otherwise nobody will marry her. She must learn to cook and clean, and everything is judged according to its ability to increase her marriage potential. Once she completes her degree in something that has been approved by her parents (Law, Medicine or Business), it is time for her to seek a husband. She cannot search for too long or be too picky because again it will reflect badly on the family. She must also not reach her sell by date otherwise people will begin to suspect that something is wrong with her. Eventually, she will get married.

She then belongs to a new family and must adhere to their expectations. She will give up her dreams, instead serving her husband who will take charge of making the decisions. She will be expected to maintain the household everyday with a meal on the table for when her husband returns home. She will also be expected to submit to everything that he desires and should not disobey him because it will reflect badly on her family.

She will then endure pregnancy, 9 months of agony until the pain of childbirth almost breaks her. Whilst recovering from this, her life will become all about the newborn child and trying to take care of him/her. All she will perceive is the child until he/she is old enough to care for themselves and by this time the woman will have forfeited all of her dreams. She will continue to endure judgement because of course, she is doing everything wrong.

She will be denied of a career and the privilege of being her own person.

She will spend her days alone in the house; cleaning, doing nothing. If she happens to stray from this path, it will be frowned upon and she will be deemed rebellious or problematic. She will eventually die out of regret and exhaustion with no chance o fulfilling any of her dreams.

Whilst this may be a hyperbolic account of the societal and cultural expectations of being a woman, you will most certainly have found yourself nodding in agreed. 
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  1. You're an amazing writer, Lady. I agree with your analysis, but I'm just glad I don't think this way. It hasn't helped me find someone yet, I digress. I know it's largely looked at as a cultural thing and that I'll be labeled ignorant by some for disagreeing with it, but these stereotypical hardline desi expectations for a woman are indeed pretty harsh. I wish no one had to go through this. Like you said, if they choose to live such a life, that's one thing, but many do not.

  2. Thanks for putting this out there. I'm actually writing a paper about society's confinments, so thank you!

  3. Yes exactly, absolutely, and 100% agreed upon. I think about this atleast once or twice a month, and am determined to follow my career through and through (:

  4. this is the most amazing posts I've ever read so far. It's so true and it makes me proud to see and read this! :)
    They should never forget as you already mentioned that "a woman has hopes and dreams just like men do".
    btw amazing blog you have here, dear. keep up the wonderful work!

    xx Rebekah


  5. You're so amazing writer dearrr... I really like ur blog..



  6. Amazing. You have a great talent. And I really neededto read this.
    JazakAllah xx

  7. You have such great writting skills, really.
    And about the topic, even if some of the western countries this doesn't happend, in general, it does happend in too many parts of the worlds. Every woman should be able to make her dreams come true, and if she can do both, what "they" expect and what she wants, then it would be amazing.

    And as muslims, every man and every woman should know this, as you said, if the want it good for them that's what they want, but if not, if they want something more so why not?.

    Great post, and I love your blog!




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