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Internet; Road To Ruin.

There is something alluring about the internet. It draws you in slowly, click by click, page by page, causing you to submit yourself to its hold until the day is over and you have nothing left to give. You eventually reside inside the screen, imprisoned by your own incessant compulsion.

Upon watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics and seeing the man behind the World Wide Web, I began to ponder about what our existence would have been like without the internet.

There would perhaps be a sense of community between ourselves and our neighbours. People would actually visit and talk to each other. We would not feel so compelled to reveal so much about ourselves but instead would conceal and live our lives in the privacy of our own homes. Our relationships would be stronger and easier to maintain. People would have more time to read, to explore and marvel at the beauty of the earth. We would enjoy the smaller moments that build up to exhilaration and notice the flowers blossoming in the spring. We would listen to the sound of the birds and the drops of rain against windows. We would be conscious of our own existence.

The internet has its advantages but we have become too fixated with its supremacy, and by do so are disregarding time, our existence, our own beings.

The internet sustains but does not cultivate us.

Some may argue that it can be used as a means to retain contact and reinforce relationships. It can be used as a platform to allow one to depict a different version of who they are in a way that they cannot do in person. The internet can be used as a medium to liberate oneself. It allows one to interact and connect with a global audience but has also introduced a filter through which we now perceive our lives. We have fabricated concepts in our minds of which nothing in our lives can or will measure up to.

Our generation is slowly losing its grasp of reality. Everything is being computerised, modernised and technology is replacing human contact. Our children will live in a world where physical presence is devalued. 
How will they learn about affection and the warmth of human connection? Technology will become their parents and best friends. It will become their teacher. Computers will nourish them, everything will be roboticized. The human heart will be upheld by technology and eventually they will find a way to immortalise our souls. Love and air will be bottled and sold with added chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Laughter will be bought through vending machines and serenity injected into the bloodstream by a manufactured android.

The internet is a revolution but we must take time to detach ourselves from its hold and revel in who we are. Our perception of reality is already distorted by prejudice, we will lose our hearts and souls if we are not careful; we will lose our lives, ourselves.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I had my moments two year ago and came to the realization that internet and all so-call social networking aren'tsocial networking. There anti-social retreating.
    Truly amazing sometimes to step back and watch the internet - endless lattices of mind upon ecology of mind. And we build these structures to facilitate, propagate the creative force of mind as it explodes like a forest into being.

  2. sometimes no matter how good the intentions of techie guys are, there are users who will ruin them all...we could only hope for the best all the time... :)

  3. I think that the cold realization of reality itself is what's plummeting those suicide rates.

    I really like your web design, by the way. ^_^


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