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The Perfect Man.

I have grown up reading fairy tales where the girl and boy fall madly in love and live happily ever after. I have read books with detailed descriptions of courtship, spent hours watching films where men fight for their women with everything they have to give. These have contributed to and shaped my perception of the ideal man. 

I have grown up reading books with such great detail, books that describe every moment and every action with great intimacy. Each breath is described with intricacy and this has inevitably defined the contours of my idyllic relationship. 

I want everything to be poetic, memorable, beautiful and full of meaning. I want every single element to be momentous. I want to live a life of purpose. I need someone with determination, focus and strength. Someone that will teach me, enlighten me, enrich my life.

Once you dream, it is difficult to step back into reality. Once you meet characters of great intelligence and delight, it is arduous to take a step back onto earth. It is hard to accept less but also to distinguish whether or not my expectations are too high. 

Sometimes I blame these books for distorting my perception of men.

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  1. I totally understand what you mean by having your expectations too high because of what we've read in books and seen in movies. It's like that quote in the movie Wanted ''If you've never seen a bullet or knew how it worked, how would you know it goes straight?''
    And don't you dare worry about a man not loving you because you don't have a practical mind. I can't cook to save my life; Khadija, on the other hand, is fantastic. T each its own. Just like we women are different, men are different too, and the main reason they'll want a 'homemaker wife'' is because of the things their parents tell them, and what they hear a wife should be. Relax. Think about things, but don't overstress. Ily <3


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